1996 Dodge 1500 2WD milage:160,000 overheating

  • 1996 DODGE

Have a 96 dodge 1500, milage:160,000 overheating. Have changed water pump, fan, fan clutch, radiator, radiator cap, thermostat (2X) have flushed engine. After warming up to about 195 (thermostat temp.) Under a starin or traveling length 10 miles or greater truck statrs to run above normal temps, not all the way to hot but between reg temp 195 to about 240 or so (260 is HOTT (RED) on gauge). This problems has been a issue for about 3 years but has gradully gotten worse every year. I was told that the engine block could still be blocked. One person told me they had some ram vans with the same engine (318) in it. And had same problem. They said to remove the freeze plugs and a bunch og goo would come out. They said this was hard to do. Another person told me that they have a way to force this goo out with a machine now. I"m thtinking this is the problem or a blown head gasket. Since its progresivelly gotten worse thinking the first rather than the ladder. First is there any lividity to this therory and if so, is there a machine that can get this goo out. I also have a 2003 dodge 4X4 millage:130,000 very closly related. Have done nothing to the 03 yet. Does not overheat under light driving conditions. Will over heat modestly under moderate drving. :(

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 AT 4:55 AM

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