1999 Dodge Neon with Screwy Gauges

  • 1999 DODGE NEON

I just recently (earlier this week actually) bought a 1999 Dodge Neon 2 door coupe with 68,000 miles on it but it has one problem.

The gauges tend to go out while I'm driving. Gas gauge, temperature gauge, speedometer, everything. Usually the others come back on but the speedometer either stays out or comes back but moves around sporadically.

Then last night I drove it at night for the first time and noticed my lights in the dash illuminating the gauges just went out, yet the lights for both of my turn signals and for my highbeam signal came on when the others went out. I don't know what to do about the problem and I'm hoping it's just a loose sensor somewhere.

Anyone have any ideas? I was told the part to fix it would run me about $60 plus labor, but I'd really like a more detailed description of what may be going on with my car and just how long I may be able to get by with driving it like it is. Is this likely to lead to more serious problems if left unrepaired?

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