1995 Dodge Neon



February, 29, 2008 AT 12:05 PM

Smells problem
1995 Dodge Neon 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 47,000 miles

1995 Dodge Neon 47,000 miles on it

I just recently had the serpentine belt replaced that connects to the power steering pump and the a/c. I took it back to midas because it had this burning smell to it after the repair, like burnt rubber or something, but it didnt not happen till I was driving it for awhile.

They stated all these other problems that could cause it, but never really gave me a straight answer, all they really talked about is me needing to buy all these expensive things. Stating that maybe the radiator cap is not holding and its leaking and burning antifreeze onto the exhaust which is causing the smell, or that the compressor and clutch need to be replaced and that they would need to replace the dryer along with all that.

It does make a squeaking noise when you turn on the heater or a/c but only when you start it up, then it stops.

I figured maybe the belt just needed to tensioned a little or something. But they were talking about needing a new compressor and all these sort of things and suggestions?

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March, 1, 2008 AT 8:54 PM

Check and adjust the alternator belt if its new you need to adjust it

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