A/C compressor problems


First I have a 1993 dodge intrepid es 3.5L. I had a new a/c with compressor, expansion valve, and a drier put on. All new o ring were used. The mechanic found out that my high pressure sensor that is on the line was unplugged he plugged it in. Then he finally put everything on the car and it looked great. First I must say that I have a toggle swtch in my car that turns on the compressor. The time was here when it was time to start the car and a/c. Within 10 secs it made a aweful soung, it was real loud, and then you seen some freon come out the back of the a/c compressor. We had to shutt off the toggle switch so it wouldn't burn up. I was told by the mechanic that my fan is not comming on so it will make that noise because the pressure is baking up. I have a hot wire and a negative wire plugged into were the a/c relay is suppossed to go (under the hoo). Since all is hooked up correctly, will it make a difference if I take toggle switch out and plug the original relay back in the right place. All I have is two lines in the box under the hood plugged in. One positive and one negative. The relay has 5 prongs on them, will that make a difference to have all 5 lpugged in rather than those 2 wires I have in there. Wiill that make the pressure go down? Thank you for yuor assistance. I have a sleep while I am writting this, sorry for the mistakes. God Bless

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Thursday, September 6th, 2007 AT 8:35 PM

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