Dodge Dynasty


Derrick Allen

July, 26, 2007 AT 7:59 PM

I have 1990 Dodge Dynasty LE with a 3.3 V6 engine.
This car is an automatic with approx. 79,000 miles. This car is loaded with ac, and power everything. I just received this car, and the previous owner installed a push button switch for ignition. You turn the key on, then push button to start car. The button is wired to the positive cable and starter. Of course the car will not turn over without the button at this time. The car will not charge at this time, but I have replaced the alternator and it still will not charge. I'm am wanting to know the location of the voltage regulator. I have already asked Autozone. Com, but the location is not right. Also if the ignition problem could affect the charging.


1 Answer


kin chan

July, 26, 2007 AT 8:30 PM

I am 90% sure the regulator is build into the ECM.$900 from chrysler.

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