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2005 Dodge Durango V8 All Wheel Drive Automatic 66000 miles

On Dec 26, My wife pulled into the parking garage at her work for about 10 minutes. When she came out to leave it wouldn't start. She first had it jumped, and no luck. Though the automatic fule gage said 65 miles till empty, she went ahead and added some fuel just to make sure. That also didn't work. She called our road side service to have it towed and then realized that the flat beds for towing wouldn't fit in the garage clearance of 6'10". SHe had to call a seperate towing company to tow it to the flat bed. The towing company had to hook it up to tow it out. Because it is AWD, the driver thought he was going to have to disconnet the drive shaft. There is a neutral button on the switch so we did that instead. When we hooked it up we made sure all the tires were rolling, they were. It was towed less than a mile but when he lowered the tow bar, it snagged the front bumper, pulling off the molding. He snapped it back on and went on his wasy, after offering to pay a few bucks for the broken clips. ( We got it in writing) The flatbed driver then loaded the vehicle. After 11 hours at the shop, we normally go to, we paid for a new fuel pump, and he threw in a couple of nicely used tires since the tread was low. We picked the car up on Friday the 28th. My wife drove it for a bit and then called to say that she felt it was driving all over the road. (Like anyone would have thought she was drunk driving). She went 2 places and then home. The shop said to bring it back the next day to check the alignment and put on 2 brand new tires. We picked it up that evening, it still drove weird at higher speeds, as if the steering wheel and tires weren't in sync. We made one stop on the way home and guess what? It wouldn't start again in fact doingthe exact samething it had done the first day. The mechanic went to check it and said that the fuel pump wasn't getting any power. He is replacing the fuel pump again. So is it the fuel pump or is something making them go bad? Did the tow truck driver mess it up? After you use the neutral switch on the AWD controll, does it need to be reset? Coincidentally the vehicle refused to start when the gage said 65 miles again, Just a coincidence? Any help or input would be appreciated. Still have the powertrain in affect, however after all the money spent fixing the fuel pump, if it's not something under warranty, we have no more money to fix something different. There is also a 8 year 80K on the control module and calibration. This is our only vehicle, the week before Christmas 16 year old son totaled my truck. Dire straights here. Thanks Alan

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Monday, December 31st, 2007 AT 11:34 AM

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