Transmission problems


I have a 1994 dodge dakota with 94,000 miles I changed the torque converter & pump because the torque gear broke inside &was causing my trks transmission to slip, we put it all back together put some fluid in it started it up let it run to move the fluid thru the tranny put it in foward then reverse all was well we test drove it shifted smoth as a dream in foward & reverse got it back to the house checked the level so we wanted to see if we could get it to transfer some more fluid thru the tranny so we put the vehicle in drive moved it a little then put it in reverse then the tranny seemed as if it was struggling then it stalled the engine. We started it again & it was fine in foward but putting it in reverse it stalled again. It seemed as if the torque converter was locking up & not idling in reverse. My battery was disconnected for 1 week while we were working on it then when we hooked up the battery it wouldn't start the battery read only 5 volts we jumped the vehicle & got it to start could the alternator going bad cause these symptoms? Please help I am stumped? Could the crank positioning sensor cause this problem?

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Monday, November 19th, 2007 AT 8:00 AM

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