2001 Dodge Dakota



May, 27, 2006 AT 10:30 AM

I have a 2001 Dodge dakota with 69,000 miles on it. Recently the ac/heater motor only worked when the fan setting was on HIGH. That continued for about two weeks and now it doesn't work at all. I checked the fuses and I don't think its the blower moter because it didn't just stop working, it did so in stages. Any help would be great. Thanks


Rear Blower Not Working


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May, 27, 2006 AT 4:41 PM

Replace the blower resistor. You might have burned out the blower motor also while running in high. The resistor is under the hood on the passenger side screwed into the A/C plastic cowling. It has connector and two screws that holds it in. Do that first.



May, 30, 2006 AT 10:19 PM

My A/C used to work great until it developed some system leaks immediately after I had it serviced at the dealer I purchased it at in 1992. For several years I tried adding freon 12 and then last year I switched it over to 134a and I was not too happy with the cooling - but it was better than nothing. All this time it loses its entire charge of 134a in about a month. I noticed that they now they have a compatible for freon 12 for about $7.00 for 12 oz. Is this new stuff any good? I also am not getting the cold air that I need to get - it is all just a shage cooler than the air outside. I vented 2 ounces of the 134a last night and a LOT of oil came out with the gas - I think now that I have mostly oil in there instead of gas and oil. Do I need to flusk this out and get some new gas? And would you recommend the 134a




May, 31, 2006 AT 7:50 AM

I have converted hundreds of Fords to 134A. Some work great without any alterations except a clean charge.

If one is acting like yours I suspect you will need to change the orfice tube and the dryer. The replacement orfice tube must be for 134.

I use ester oil in a Ford, it seems to wrok better. Remember the 134 charge is about 23% less refrigerant than R-12. You must charge by watching the gauges on both high and low sides. It is very easy to overcharge and the cooling will be reduced. Even a couple of ozs will reduce cooling.

If you car is loosing refrigerant and it is on the suction side (low pressure) it will suck in outside air through the leak and your cooling will be greatly reduced.

Fix the leak and stay away from the $7.00 can. It is mostly propane and dangerous to uses in addition it will corrode your system. There are no cheap solution to referigerant as R-134A is about $7.50 a can but it goes up as gasoline goes up.

Good luck

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