2002 Dodge Dakota



June, 20, 2006 AT 7:52 PM

HELP! I have been addressing codes of P0442, EVAP Emission (small), P0455 (Large). Changed the gas cap to locking; reset the codes. When the tank would drop to 1/2 full, the check engine light would come on again, sometimes both codes or one or the other. Reset the code and had " NO PROBLEM DETECTED" print out. Then went up to altitude towing a trailer, (4800lbs.) @ 10,000 ft, (Colorado) the check engine light came on again, (first time it came on was at altitude also) and the vehicle struggled going through the pass. RPM'S between 4000 & 5000, rode REALLY HARD! Heard cooling fan blowing after 2 minutes of this drive. (O/D off) Slowed to 35 MPH, RPM'S dropped 'tween 3000 & 4800, felt like it had no power at all. I have a towing package on the vehicle so I don't know if the drag and fan noises are normal. It seemed to be whinning, like not enough tourke. It took a while for the engine to recover (20-30 mins.) On the way back, it was as if it recognized what it was about to do again, and repeated this whinning & moaning like a high idle. I had the check engine light checked again and new codes came up.P0132, (BANK 1 SENSOR 1) P0456 EVAP EMISS very small, P0455 Large and P0442 Small.

I will change out the O2 sensor # 1, Bank 1. I believe this is in the front of the cat, not the rear one. Am I correct? Is there anything else I should be checking? Does this sound like my engine is going to blow on me? Haven't had a problem since I cleared the codes. Also, noticed fluid leak at middle section of rear axle. Was told that was " minor, nothing to worry about". I don't believe fluid leaks are " nothing to worry about. ANY HELP WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED! Thanks! Jwee[/code]


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June, 21, 2006 AT 10:45 AM

With all the work you have done already, I would take it to a dealership and pay for the peace of mind which includes a one year warrenty. Good luck.

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