2002 Dodge Dakota



May, 8, 2009 AT 1:47 PM

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Dodge Dakota V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 105, 0+ miles

This has been occuring for a couple of years now. My engine revs, the tachometer bouncing up to 2000 rpm and dropping to 1000 rpm. Up and down. Like I'm punching the gas and then releasing, over and over. It is most prevalent and aggressive in the morning when the engine is cold and I'm in park, but I've noticed it later in the day when I restart or am stopped at an intersection. The A/C doesn't seem to have effect on this behavior. I've had my regular mechanic and the dealership investigate and although no codes come up that point to any definite answer, they worked on something. Changed vacuum hoses, cleaned out throttle box. Sometimes, after this service work the problem would seem to ease up for a while, but would start again. I replaced my battery last Fall (dead after Gustav) and the problem was gone. I figured that there must have been some electrical issue that my old battery (the original) was triggering, but the revving has begun again. I purchased this truck new and this is the only issue I have had.


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May, 9, 2009 AT 9:19 PM

It sounds like the throttle position sensor or the idle air control valve. However, I can't be sure without a check engine light.

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