2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Quad CAB 4WD Misses and check engine


I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4.7 quad caab with 75K miles, is automatic and 4WD. Have never had a problem of any kind till today.
Today while taking off from a light fairly fast I noticed two or three heavy misses and then noticed the check engine light came on steady. Stopped at Auto Zone and scanned and it show the following:
Crank sensor defective
Check connector and wiring to sensor
Check trigger wheel for damage.
My question:
Where can I find any of these items? I have looked all around the crank pulley and there is no wire or sensor.
Thanks abunch if anyone can help out.
rbull :lol:

Do you
have the same problem?
Monday, September 3rd, 2007 AT 8:57 PM

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