Neutral safety switch?

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  • 2WD
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Sirs, The truck in question is having a problem starting. The alternator was changed, the battery is good(new). I was told that you have to reach down below the steering wheel & jiggle the little wire cable there until it catches & starts. Is it not the Neutral safety switch or is it called something else? I seem to have encountered this problem years ago.I am trying to help the person find the correct part or parts. I am hoping you are able to answer my question, with some verbal diagram of what it might look like, Again thank you in advance.
Kenneth Perkins
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Monday, October 6th, 2008 AT 5:40 PM

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Are you wiggling the shifter cable? The switch you refer to is on the transmission...If it is the cable, it may just need an adjustment, that would be done under the truck on the side of the transmission.

With column shift lever in "P" position, loosen adjustable swivel lock screw. See Fig. 5 . Ensure swivel is free to move on shift rod. Disassemble and clean components if required. 2.Move shift lever on transmission to full rear detent (Park) position and tighten swivel lock screw. When linkage is properly adjusted, detent positions for Neutral and Drive will be within limits of shift lever gate stops and engine will start only in "P" or "N".
Fig. 5: Column Shift Linkage Adjustment

1.With transmission linkage properly adjusted, switch should allow starter operation in Park and Neutral only. To test switch, remove wire connector and test for continuity between center pin of switch and case. Continuity should exist only with transmission in "P" or "N". 2.Check for continuity between 2 outer pins. Continuity should exist with transmission in reverse, only. There should be no continuity between either outside pin or transmission case.

NOTE: Ensure gearshift linkage is properly adjusted before replacing a switch that tests bad.
3.To replace, remove switch from case and allow fluid to drain. Move selector lever to "P" and "N" positions and check that switch operating fingers are centered in switch opening. Install new switch and seal. Retest switch for continuity and add transmission fluid.

Fig. 6: Back-Up Light/Neutral Safety Switch
When installing new switch, tghten to 24 ft. lbs. (33 N.m).

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