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Hi, I blew up the motor in a 1995 dodge colt. It is a 1.5L, inline 4 cyl, 5 speed(manual), with a 4G15(engine) which had approx 160k on it. From what I can tell a bolt holding a connecting rod to the camshaft failed and wrapped the rod around the shaft (possibly bearing faliure leading to this). I think the block has had it as there is a 1/2" depression into the bottom of the cylinder where it caught. I purchased a motor with approx 170k(for $100) but it is a G15BT(from a 1995 plymouth colt, I was told). I looked up the engine code (wiki) and see that the motors are basically the came (block and head) with every other bolt on piece different. I have swiched the motor mounts, clutch, plenum, distributor, alt, etc. So the wiring harness will work but before I drop this motor in I want to make sure that the ECU from the dodge colt will work with the injectors and sensors etc, etc(all replaced with the 4G15 pieces). I noticed there seems to be a ~ 20 degree offset in the timing marks with these 2 motors. The wiring harness from the G15BT is not avaliable (destroyed in a fire). I was also wondering if there is some trick to installing these motors without unbolting the transmission. I got the old motor out with a fight, and removal of the timing pully, (not quite enough clearance to the wall of the engine bay), but don't want to have to mess with the timing assembly from the new motor if I don't have to. I know that mitsubishi changed something in their g15 series motor and I'm hoping that the "B" doesn't mean this won't work. I think the "T" designates 'turbo' but that didn't come with the new motor so the old injectors should be sufficient. Thanks in advance for any help you may offer and if you have any further questions or I have been unclear about anything please email and I'll do my best to clarify.
Thanks, chris.

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