1991 Dodge Colt, fuel problem?Any help is appreciated

  • 1991 DODGE COLT

I have 91 dodge colt, automatic, 120,000 miles; while driving is down the interstate, it instantly lost power. After I coasted to the side it remaned idling but rough. When I gave it gas, it would die. After getting it home and when I cranked the engine over it acted like it wanted to start but again, rough idle and would die if I gave it gas. Now it will act like it wants to start but wont even get to an idle. I pulled the filter line off under the hood and cranked it, gas shoots through it fine. I can find any vacuum leaks, and I replaced the inline filter. It will run if I put gas directly in the carbarator and then die. At one point I actually got it running by putting gas in direclty over and over and it would idle great but if I gave it gas it would choke it out, but then again if I slightly tapped on the gas and continue that gradually giving more and more gas it would actually rev up like it should. I let it idle for about 45 min and played with it some more as far as reving it up gradually. Now it wont start again, although it acts like it wants to. Is there an electric modual that might be a problem?

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, June 24th, 2007 AT 2:01 PM

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