Pond water damage


My young nephew has a 2002(?) Dodge 4x4 extended cab with 6 cyl Cummins Diesel 5 speed manual trans. The vehicle has clean title, and 105,000 miles. Through some bizarre chain of events the truck found itself in the middle of a pond, submerged above the seats. (Still not quite clear on that point.)

I have not yet seen the vehicle, but am told the dash was not completely submerged, only partially.(?)

I think the manual trans, diffs, and transfer case can be flushed and refilled and should be OK.

The turbocharger got water in it, and I do not know about the engine. I would think any cylinder with exhaust valve open would have water.

Now for my question. His insurance adjuster wants to only shampoo the carpet, change the fluids and call it done for 900. I think she is trying to rip him.

Please advise on water damage. In my mind, all the seats must be taken apart and dried, the carpet shampooed, pad replaced, speakers replaced, (the cones will warp when they dry), any sealed electronic component should be OK but the connections should all be cleaned and greased. Any non-sealed electrical component which got wet must be replaced. I am also concerned the heater/AC housing and ductwork should be taken out, cleaned, and reinstalled to get the pond scum, dirt, mold etc out of it.

Am I way off base? What are your expert thoughts on this?

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, May 6th, 2007 AT 8:17 AM

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