Engine block cracked


2006 dodge charger. Friend of mine has this auto, she is driving in the rain and goes thru a puddle on a busy road that other cars are traveling on and the other cars go thru same puddle. Her car starts knocking and stalls. It starts back up and though its knocking it drives fine to the dealership. The dealership claims the block is cracked from water intrusion and the dealer says she must have driven thru a river or a lagoon. How did driving thru a puddle that other cars are driving thru cause her engine to get so much water in it that it cracked the block. If there was that much water, why didn't the engine seize. If there was that much water how did the car start right back up and no electrical problems. The car didn't overheat, no idiot lights came on. Just the knock.I guess my question is does geeting water in the engine crack the block and what prevents that from happening. It just doesn;t seem right. Thanks :lol:

Do you
have the same problem?
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 AT 10:50 AM

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