AC hot on driver side! Passenger AC fine!


The cool air blown on the driver side is warm (same as outside) while the temperature on the passenger side is cold (outside temperature minum 20F). My car is equiped with 3 temperature controlers (driver, passenger and rear). All controler are set at the same temperature. I would be satisfied having the driver air at the same temperature than the passenger side.

- Should I suspected the temperature controler to be faulty?
- Are there other component that could cause that problem?

Thanks for providing hints!

1. Dodge Grand Caravan 2001 3.8 V6
2. 100000 Miles
3. Automatic transmission
4. 2 wheel drive
5. Strange sounds: None
6. Fluid leaks: None
7. Past repair history if applicable
- Expansion valve replaced successfully
- AC system filled with Freon and checked for leaks.
- Since about a month the system has hold is Freon charge (45PSI).

Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 AT 11:12 AM

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