2004 Dodge Caravan Not cool after compressor replacement

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Air Conditioning problem
2004 Dodge Caravan 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 100000 miles

Recently, I took my 04 Dodge Caravan in for service because the AC was no longer cooling. Worked fine one day. No cooling at all the next. It was noisy under the hood. The fan was working fine.

Since then the compressor has been replaced twice (bad part the first time), the entire system has been flushed (measuring freeon to confirm no leaks) and a host of other tactics to diagnose the issue have been performed. It's cooling - just not to the same temp or humidity rate I've come to expect over six years of ownership. The shop says it's fine, but I know better.

What are the standards/specs for Dodge Caravan AC? How can I ensure the shop is testing properly for these standards? What is a realistic expectation for next steps?

FYI: I tested the air coming out of the vents with a hygrometer and compared it to a vehicle of similar age and working AC. There was a 20 degree difference in temp and a 30 point difference in humidity rate between the two after driving for 12 minutes, so I know something isn't right.

I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions


According to the repair shop, they tested and tried several of the basics (freeon, electrical, etc.), And then checked the compressor which was in need of replacement.

Replaced compressor. Sent me on my way. Returned one hour later with no cooling. Deemed loose connection. Repaired and went on my way. Cooling OK.

Five days later, AC starts making a screeching noise under the hood in Atlanta rush hour traffic. Noise stopped about 30 seconds after shutting down the AC. Deemed bad compressor ("locked up"). Replaced it and sent me home.

Drove in for a day or two. Still not cooling properly. Shop checked the freeon, compressor, flushed the whole system, etc. Says it's fine. Still not cool or dry.

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, July 29th, 2010 AT 8:45 PM

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