1999 Dodge Caravan



September, 2, 2009 AT 3:35 PM

Smells problem
1999 Dodge Caravan 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 144056 miles

Hi, I have a dodge caravan that I've been working on. When I start it up, it runs fine. But after a few minutes, I see white smoke around the exhaust manifold (radiator side). This engine is pretty filthy with oil, grease, and whatever else. So I can only hope that this smoke is a result of the engine just burning up the oil, grease, etc. I thought it might be coming from the spark plugs, but it's not. Does this sound about right? Is the engine just burning up what's on it?

By the way, this van has been sitting for a while. And I recently replaced the timing belt, water pump, and oil pan. I don't know if this could be related to the engine smoke.


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September, 2, 2009 AT 3:44 PM

Could be leaking oil from the valve cover and creeping around and hitting the exhaust manifold

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