1995 Dodge Caravan Fender Removal - Door Bent

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1995 Dodge Caravan 140k miles

I just inherited a 1995 Dodge Caravan and have a lot of issues but first off, as I opened the driver's side door on the highway when a decorative piece below the windshield was about to fly off, the wind which was coming from the driver's side somehow caught the door and it just flew back so hard with the wind. Also an 18-wheeler had just blown by right about the time I opened that door.

When I tried to shut the door back - immediately as I was on the shoulder of the highway, the door no longer fit and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to even get it shut at all. I got out and took a look and saw no outside or damage that is visible. However, the inner door latch was no longer aligned properly. Being on the highway far from home (female) I just had to slam the door until I got it to shut. Once it did shut I opened and closed it a few times but it was very difficult to open or close. In fact, I've tried not to use it much as I have noticed that the plastic handle area will probably break easily if I continue using the handle to open it.

I found that the problem cannot be fixed without removing the fender so the wheel is off yet without a manual, I need to know how many bolts there are to remove and so on. I am about to get a Chilton's if they have that year model in stock at the auto parts store, but I thought I'd see if I couldn't get a quick response first.

If anyone has any quick answers, I'd really appreciate it. I need a diagram really and I guess I will have to pay for a manual in one way or the other.

I just rec'd a call that someone bought the manual so that will help although I do have plenty of questions as I've noticed many problems for which I don't even know where to begin. It's been lunging (sp?) Or perhaps missing - and it's becoming more frequent. It feels to me much like back when I had a 70's model mustang and the fuel pump was going out. However, nowadays things seem to be computer related. I believe the history is that happened when the vehicle was first bought and it took years to find out what it was. If I'm not mistaken it turned out to be a very cheap part - like an oxygen sensor yet to finally get to the bottom of it cost $1000's. I'll have to ask the previous owner if that was what the part they mentioned actually was called.

The missing or lunging - like you are giving it gas and it feels like it is going to die - no noise or anything DOES seem to occur mostly when the vehicle is cool to warm. Also it occurs when accelerating. Will get back to any one who can help or has experience with the name of this part.

Back to the door - if anyone has any ideas on how to realign the door - I'd be very grateful as someone is about to begin messing with it here at the house. :-)

Thanks in advance,

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