Blowing 30A fusible link while driving


I have a 2000 Dodge Avenger 2.5L v-6, 129K miles that has started blowing the 30 amp fusible link labeled as "engine" on the power distribution cover. According to the Haynes manual, this feeds the common post to the starter relay. The wire from the fusible link is red with a black stripe. When replacing the blown link, there is a relay on the fire wall adjacent to the brake fluid reservoir that clicks on. There are actually three relays in a row, it is the relay on the right. When looking at the plug going into this relay, it also has a red wire with a black stripe.

I have replaced the link and run the car sitting still for aver 30 minutes. When driving, it will somtimes run for miles before the thing blows. Once it ran about a block before blowing. I suspect a wire shorting somewhere but I have not found anything visible.

Ok, to the question, obviously the electrical diagram in the Haynes manual is incomplete or shown on more than one sheet so what all does this fuse feed?

If this is an intermittant short, how do I find it?


Chet Hale

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, November 4th, 2007 AT 6:00 PM

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