1994 Daihatsu Mira not quite overheating but close.

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Engine Cooling problem
1994 Daihatsu Mira Two Wheel Drive Manual 40,293 miles

Hi, I have a 847cc Daihatsu Mira L201 3 cylinder ED-10 engine with a 1 barrel carburetor and manual 5 speed transmission.

The car is having issues with the coolant temperature running very hot. I have replaced the thermostat, flushed the coolant, burped the coolant, replaced the radiator cap, but it hasn't really seemed to make a difference.

The new Themostat is a Quinton Hazell QTH209 rated for 88 degrees. The coolant capacity is 3.1L and filled with Prestone Extended Life Premixed. I have also replaced the thermostat gasket.

I know the electric fan activates and runs and can see a corresponding drop in the temperature. When that happens. I can also run the heater and have the temperature drop. The coolant is full and sitting right on the full line in the expansion tank.

The temperature gauge after initially warming up goes from half to almost overheating, and moves somewhere in that range. It has never reached the overheating line however.

The temperature on the car is also cooler with the engine running and hood open, but that doesn't work for driving.

The radiator is original on the car, but looks to be in decent shape, it seems clean and the car being 16 years old has relatively low mileage. The radiator drains fast and completely with no metal bits or debris. The hoses look to be in good shape and I have replaced the clamps.

A side effect for the car running hot seems to be the fact that it won't engage and accelerate to any decent speed after being shutoff and restarted without completely cooling unless you do an excessive amount of pumping on the pedal to keep it from stalling.

This seems to happen on any gasoline that is not Shell V-Power nitrogen enriched or BP 91 Octane. The manufactures recommendation is 90 Octane for the car and I have always stuck to those recommendations.

Any ideas?

Do you
have the same problem?
Sunday, July 18th, 2010 AT 9:06 PM

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