1993 Daihatsu Feroza Clacking Underneath

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Noises problem
1993 Daihatsu Feroza 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 55000 miles

I just moved to Belgium from Alaska--working for the US Army and needed a vehicle fast because it takes months for a vehicle to arrive after shipping. I wanted something old/cheap that I could beat around in--living in the country and like to be able to throw wood, dogs, etc in and not have to worry about the interior. It's a clean little 4x4; not many miles and engine is completely dry. The only thing wrong is this clacking sound underneath when you accelerate quickly and let off the gas. It's something with the drive-train--don't think the transmission. Before buying it I though it might be u-joints but after further inspection I found there is some play in the shaft between the rear transfer case and the transmission. When I drive in 4 wheel drive, the clacking is much weaker. Am I looking at needing a new transfer case? Can I repair without swapping completely. Is this something I can handle on my own? I was a mechanic in the Army--working on Humvees mostly so I'm fairly good with a wrench. Unfortunately, most of my experience is part changing/swapping rather than actually fixing. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you need add'l info. P.S. My wife will kill me if it breaks down and I can't fix it because I insisted on buying a small little 4x4 and she preferred a smaller (and cheaper) car.

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Thursday, September 17th, 2009 AT 11:50 AM

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