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I am a touring musician, and as with most of us our chariots of choice tend to be old beater vans. Mine is no acception being a 1989.

On a recently trip we had a casuality in the engine bay. I have been told it was the "smog pump", whose fuction I am miffed by. There does not seem to be a consensious as to how important this part is.

Just from the name, it seems to deal with emissions. From what I have been told they no longer make the part, so we are going junk yard diving if we can find one. So here is my question. Seeing that the van has already passed emissions, and wont need it again for two years (which who knows if it will even last that long), how important is the smog pump to the day to day running of the vehicle? Is it safe to tour with out one while we look for the part, or would its absence cause some other major damage?

Thanks for your help
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Do you
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Thursday, April 6th, 2006 AT 9:43 AM

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