Control Gauges Dont Work


My 1999 Dodge Caravan is having control gauge issues. The fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge are all pegged at zero, and they dont ever move. Also the check engine soon light has appeared and will not go out, not to mention the ABS light on and not going out. With this problem came the rear wipers not working, the cruise control does not work, and also the heater only stays at hot, and you cannot change its positioning. I believe that it might be a bad ground, but I dont know where to look to find this bad ground, or even if my hunch is correct. Im a female and I hate being taken at the repair shop. If someone could give me a little background information before I get there, so they wont take me for all the tea in china you would be my newest hero!
Thanx in advance for your help!


Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, January 19th, 2006 AT 11:03 PM

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