2003 Chrysler Town and Country



June, 28, 2010 AT 5:37 PM

Engine Performance problem
2003 Chrysler Town and Country 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 118000 miles

I recently took minivan to dealership to check into why it was misfiring. They ran diagnostic which indicated issues with cylinder 1 & 6, however after running compression test the feedback was cylinders are fine. After further checking they said there was a short in a fuse which caused the sequencing to be off, in essence when cylinder 1 was firing, gas was being sent into cylinder 6 as well and when cylinder 6 was to fire it would have double the amount of fuel. The feedback was they would have to search for the short but no guarantees or possibly replace wiring harness. Just asking to see if this sounds like a viable diagnosis, my concern is man hours and cost associated since this is 2003 with 118k.


Engine Miss


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July, 16, 2010 AT 10:46 PM

Yes, that is very possible. Infact, chances are they are right. However, what I would recommend is this. If they are confident in their diagnosis, don't waste the money trying to find the short. Chances are they will have a ton of time tied up looking for it and never find it. Just have them replace the wiring harness and save the massive amount of labor they will charge for checking. If you want to give them say 1 hour looking, okay. If they don't find it within that time, chances are they won't find it.

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