2001 Chrysler Sebring thermostat

  • 6 CYL
  • FWD
  • 102,000 MILES
I have the 2.7 DOHC engine and have water bubbles coming out of the thermostat housing bolt. On this model do I have to pull the top plenum off the motor to get the thermostat out. One of the bolts is under the plenum. My Haynes manual says to pull the alternator out. It doesn't look like the picture they are showing. Thanks in advance.
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1. Raise the vehicle and place it securely on jackstands. Remove the right front wheel. Remove the accessory drivebelt splash shield.
2. Remove the accessory drivebelts.
3. Remove the lower alternator mounting bolt.
4. Lower the vehicle.
5. Disconnect the alternator electrical connectors.
6. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the air conditioning compressor.
7. Remove the oil dipstick and the dipstick tube. Plug the hole in the oil pan with a clean shop rag to prevent debris from entering the pan.
8. Remove the rest of the alternator mounting bolts and then remove the alternator.
9. Loosen the hose clamps and then disconnect the two hoses from the thermostat housing cover.
10. Remove the thermostat housing cover bolts and then remove the housing.
11. Note how the thermostat is installed, with the "jiggle valve" at the 12 o'clock position, and then remove the thermostat.
12. Remove all traces of sealant from the housing and coverr with a gasket scraper.
13. Install the thermostat housing cover and then tighten the bolts to the correct torque.
14. Reattach the hoses to the thermostat housing cover. Make sure that the hose clamps are still tight.
15. The remainder of the installation is the reverse of the removal.
16. When you're done, refill the cooling system.
17. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperature, then check for leaks and proper thermostat operation.
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