PT Cruiser door locks


My car was in an accident once it was repaired the car sits in my driveway and my door locks lock and unlock constantly and when this happens the dome light comes on. Also sometimes driving the locks lock and unlock. So I tried to take the fuse out for the power door locks but now my alarm wont work by remote and I can hear a clicking in the dash like its trying to lock, unlock my doors and if the clicking in the dash is in lock mode even though the drivers door lock is opened by my key the alarm goes off and the horn honks like crazy its embaressing. I thought maybe a wire got pinched in the rubber boot that comes from the body of the car into the door but all wires are ok. Can someone email me at binders@distributel. Net and tell me how to fix my problem or should I be going to a priest and have my car blessed and maybe an excorsism johnnie

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have the same problem?
Friday, November 23rd, 2007 AT 3:44 AM

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