Car shuts off with no warning


I have a 2002 PT Cruiser base model automatic about 87K miles.

About a month ago the timing belt broke and I had the car towed to a repair shop. They replaced the belt and said I was luck. There was no damage to the engine.

ABout 2 weeks go by and the car is running great. Then, I had to take my son to the airport. Hot day, a/c on, sat in a little traffic. Still running fine. We park the car, drop him off, and on the way back home the car starts intermitantly losing power/RPM's. Sort of choking a little. No lights come on, temp seems fine it just gets occasionally "jerky".

When I get off the exit I have to stop at the red light. I expect the car to die but it stays running. Until I give it some gas when the light turns green. I coast through the light, park it, call AAA and walk home.

About an hour later, when AAA comes to get the car it starts right up and he is able to just drive it up on the flatbed. The repair shop found a camshaft code when they checked it out so they reset it, checked everything and tried to re-create the problem. Which of course they couldn't.

The car runs fine for about another 2 weeks when I make the apparent mistake of using the A/C for a short ride. The car dies and after I let it sit for awhile and then it starts up and I am able to drive it for a little bit before it happens 2 more times. Finally I had it towed home.

After some internet research I find quite a few posts where people have had this same problem and found that replacing the camshaft sensor solved the problem.

I replaced the camshaft position sensor the other day and everything seems OK but now I am afraid to get it too far from home or use the a/c. Not really knowing if that was the problem.

I guess my question would be could the camshaft sensor have been "blown" when the timing belt broke? If so why did it take 2 weeks to show any problems? Also, is there anything specific I can have the shop look for since they never seem to be able to recreate the problem?


Part 2:

Car has been running fine since replacing the camshaft sensor last weekend. Until today that is.

It shut off again with no warning. Just a little buck and then no power. This car spends more time being pulled by a tow truck than being actually driven lately.

Now we are looking at the crankshaft sensor and the o2 sensor. My money is on the crankshaft but the strange thing about it is the check engine light never comes on. It just shuts off.


Do you
have the same problem?
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 AT 9:08 AM

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