Truck loses power at random


98 dodge dakota 5.2L 4X4, 181,000, engine has 75k on it. Truck drives fine at times, but then at random it acts like its going to break down, there is a loss of power and it feels like it would if you were to shift your car into fifth gear going 20mpg, it kinda jumps around, jerks and sputters. The truck will shake mostley on acceleration up to about 40 mph, after that if seems to do fine, at least until I catch a red light. Also standing still the idle will go very low almost to the point that it wil shut off, then it will rev up really fast, then slow down again. The engine was just put in, has new plugs, wires, speed control sensor, pcv valve, fuel pressure/air filter checked ok. Any ideas. Auto parts store checked it and stated evac system and O2 sensor codes came up. I was thinking about replacing the distributor cap/rotor, 02 sensors, and then maybe the fuel filter, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also I have no idea if this would affect anything but I have removed the catalytic converter from my exhaust system, I was told on newer models this could effect the vehicles performance.

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Saturday, December 16th, 2006 AT 10:51 PM

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