This will stump you.I hope not! 94 Transmission problem

  • 1994 CHRYSLER

I live in a hot climate area.

I have had many "experts" trying to figure out this problem to no avail. Except I am out a few grand.

I have a 94 Chrysler New Yorker, original owner. So I "know" the car with 78K miles.

Transmission problems.

Starting March of 2005. This is now October 2006. Driving down the road. Once the engine is warmed up/driving some 30 minutes. The transmission slips/jumps into 2nd gear. Same thing happens at times when I would slow down and come to a stop. If I am driving down the road and it happens.I put the shifter into "N" and turn off the engine while coasting. Restart the engine and I'm good to go for a few more miles.

Again. Only when the motor is hot. Temp gauge reads 3/4 or just above the 1/2 way line.

I go to the dealership. They say I need the transmission built. Could be the torque converter or pump. $2500.00

Second opinion. No. It's an electrical problem. If it's the transmission. It would do it all the time and turning off and restarting the engine resets the computer so it's an electrical problem. Back to the shop and talk with the transmission expert. Expert challenges the shop foreman and says. Yes. Electrical. No check engine light has ever come on I should also note.

Shop changes the input and out put speed sensors. Next day. Same problem. Back to the shop. Shop says. You need the transmission control module and the computer inside the transmission as well. Items replaced. Same problem the following day. Back to the dealership. New problem. Transmission needs rebuilding. Well I say. Why did you replace the other items then? Give me my money back. Anyway.

I located a 96 Intrepid. Same engine and transmission. The owner lets me test drive it for 5 days. Transmission is good. I buy the car. The shop pulls my original tranny and installs the donor. Next day. Same problem! Going down the road once the engine is hot. It goes into 2nd gear. No check engine light!

I am fit to be tied! The donor vehicle never had this problem when I tested it for 5 days!

New shop. Checks it out and says. You need an external tranny cooler! Your oil is too hot and it's telling the computer to go into 2nd gear! OK. Back to the dealership.I tell them this and they tell me. Your car has an external tranny cooler. Show me I say. Long story short. My car has no external tranny cooler. Just the "cooler" lines connecting to the radiator.

External cooler installed. Engine temp is 40 degrees cooler! No problems for 10 days! Shifts like it should. Never goes into 2nd gear. Until yesterday!

Please. Your professional opinions. What is going on! What do I need to have done to correct this problem.

When it went into 2nd gear this time.I was coming to a stop when I felt the transmission "jump" and when I took off from the stop sign. It was stuck in second gear.

I have my original transmission sitting in my garage.I suppose I could have it rebuilt. But I might be wasting money if the same thing happens again. Every shop has a different opinion. Rebuild the tranny or it's an electrical problem.
I am lost.
Thank you for any help!

Do you
have the same problem?
Thursday, October 5th, 2006 AT 12:17 AM

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