95 Eclipse wont start

  • 1995 CHRYSLER


i have a 95 eclipse, 2.0 non turbo, 420a chrysler engine, 5 speed. Driving along, and it quit running, sounded like it ran out of gas, and have not yet been able to get it started. Here is what I have done so far - I have checked the fuel level and pump - pump works fine (cycles up ), have no pressure in rail (I can get psi if I send voltage to pump and keep it running), or spark at plugs - have changed coil, plugs, cam sensor, crank sensor, pcm, asd relay, fuel pump relay, timing belt, and checked all fuses. The codes indicate 12, 11 and 36. 11 is no crank signal. I have 8 volts of supply at both cam and crank sensors, 5 volts of signal at both sensors, and the grounds work. The PCM is reman from Standard, not from a bone yard.I have tried 2 different crank sensors, one for the eclipse, and one for a talon. They were 2 different part numbers. (Standard #pc166 eclipse, PC 34K talon). I have been charging the battery, keeping the voltage above 12.6. After all this, I still have nothing. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Sunday, September 10th, 2006 AT 1:44 AM

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