2004 Chrysler Crossfire Check engine light/Sensor

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Engine problem
2004 Chrysler Crossfire Engine Size unknown Two Wheel Drive Automatic 72000 miles

On 10/23/07, I take my car to the dealership due to the check engine light will come on for a couple of days, then goes back off. I finally get it there when the light is on, they run the test and it comes up with a code for the secondary air pump. They charge me $170.00 to repair the wiring. Three days later its back on. Still the same code when they check it again. Now, about 4 weeks ago when I turn the key to start, it just keeps wanting to turn over before it finally starts. Sometimes, I have to try a second time to get it to start. When I leave in the morning for work, it starts right up. When I get it started and turn off it will start right up. But if I wait about 15-20 min, it is hard to start again. The dealership ordered a Camshaft Postion Sensor, replaced it and that did not fix the problem. Thank goodness they didn't charge me! They did tell me there was oil in the connector which is not normal. They are not sure what it is and suggested I take it to a dealership that has a Cert. Crossfire Tech. Sounds easy, but there is not one around here. Now I'm not sure what to do about the problem. The dealership give me a number to a tech that use to work there. I called him and he told me it could possible be module that reads the cam sensor. He said that would not show up on the test. But he isn't working at a dealership to be able to check it.

If there is any suggestions you can make I will try them! I am ready to get this problem resolved!

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Sunday, January 13th, 2008 AT 9:13 PM

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