Chevrolet Venture



November, 5, 2007 AT 10:19 AM

I bought a 2002 Chevy Venture used with 94,000 k. I had put about 6,000 k on it when I was driving on the highway and it over heated. I shut the van off and about 2 hours later I had to drive the vehicle 3klm to a service station while it was over heated.

The vehicle was 3 liters low in coolant and the head gaskets where gone. The station said it was very rare to see this in such a new vehicle with low kilometers. Anyway, I was worried about the long term affects of my engine now that it had over heated and I had to drive 3 kilometers with the engine in this state. Can you tell me what I may expect in the future with this vehicle?


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November, 5, 2007 AT 12:40 PM

Could be an early cylinders wear and tear and engine bearing failures. It depends on the circumstances.

Just make sure they find out why the headgasket got blown away.


Ed Armes

February, 28, 2008 AT 7:59 PM

3.4 is prone to head gasket failures and/or intake gasket failures. I have seen several of these includeing my own in the past year. GM has new design on these gaskets. Mine were replaced last year and I have no problems. These heads are aluminum and will probably need to be milled when they are removed. As they warp when over heated. If they are not checked for warpage, they me start to leak again. If your engine is still quiet and you change your oil on schedule, you are probably in the clear.

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