1994 Chevy Van startup problems with black exhaust

Engine Performance problem
1994 Chevy Van V8 Automatic 180000 miles

not sure of drive type. Engine has trouble starting. Its my husbands van when he starts it he needs to crank it over alot. Van has black exhaust and it has died when turning corners or at a stop light. Engine light has come on while driving. New owners- Have not owned for very long- 2 weeks. (Interior of van is excellant and clean)Van sat unused for 1 -2 years thru 1 or 2 cold winters. Husband cut off Cat convertor and could not see thru it. Salvage yard flared him a pipe to replace it.
When he cut off the cat conv. And started engine it revved itself up and down for about a minute then it leveled off.
Today it seemed to start after two attempt before it would have taken six or eight attempts. I have seen him floor the gas to keep it running when it wouldn't start, is this what he should do? I know its fuel injected. Will holding the gas pedal down cause the fuel injectors to plug up because its getting too much gas and thus be causing more startup problems later?
Any ideas on what to do?
Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, July 10th, 2010 AT 12:53 PM

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Check for applicable trouble codes, you should be able to check mil codes. Use a gage and check fuel pressure. Some of the national brand autostores used to loan out a fuel pressure gage, if you don't have one.

Black soot out the tail-pipe sounds like it is running rich. Could be an injector leak, if you TBI fuel system, can you see the injector/s drip?
Was this
Saturday, July 10th, 2010 AT 2:36 PM

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