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I have a 1991 Chevy truck, 1500 W/T 4x4 automatic with about 160K miles. I had a few problems and I still have some remaining. I mostly use this durring the weekend but have used it almost daily for the past month.

It started out that I would run it for a while and then occasionally it would not start but it would crank just fine. I ended up just putting a little gas in the carb and it would start. I attributed this to it getting to hot because I checked the coolant and it was low but I am not sure.

My oil pressure gauge and temperature gauge were not working and mi dash light for the (I) (P) would come on and off.

I replaced temperature sensor and oil sending unit and my gauges work. While I was in there I replaced the air filter and thermostat. Looked at the distributer cap and rotor and all contact surfaces were pretty clean.

I have not ran it much lately and do not know if the no-start problem is still happening but I do know that It runs about 235 degress according to the gauge and I placed a 195 thermostat in it.

I noticed that when I idle it will go to 235 and if I have the cap off and let it idle it will go down to about 215. Looking in the radiator with cap off I see good water movement and standing at the drivers door I feel good air movement from under the truck.

I do still have the (I) (P) light. I always place the emergency brake on when parking. The dash light will go out when I release but it comes and goes as I drive but mostly stays on.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Do you
have the same problem?
Saturday, June 9th, 2007 AT 6:54 AM

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