1969 Chevy Truck Gas Tank leak--how to remove in-CAB gas ta

  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 150,000 MILES
I have a leak in my gas tank in my 1969 Chevy C10, and the gas tank is in the cab. I have taken out the seat, and all of the bolts and disconnected the fuel gauge.

The passenger side end of the tank had come free, but the driver's side is still connected at the filler hose, and the tank has a lip/seam that looks like it will hit on the door entrance area inside..

Ive worked on plenty ol chevys and older vehicles, but never removed an in-cab gas tank before..

Question: How to disconnect the tank front he filler hose? Inside or outside? I didnt see any bolts or screws inside, and the outside has a black molding around it to protect against moisture, etc. Im guessing..

Can anyone help me with this procedure???

Also, on an unrelated note from the gas tank issue--I noticed a small leak/seepage (of oil Im pretty sure) coming from where the distributor is mounted when I was adjusting the timing.. It is a straight 6, 250 c.i. motor. Looked like it was barely coming out, just bubbling a little bit.. IS there a gasket there that has gone bad and needs replaced, or could it be a crack? I didnt remove the distributor bc I am mmore concerned about the gas leak, but if anyone can tell me if there is a gasket there, id appreciate it!

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks again!
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With the gas tank, most times the hose gets stuck on the neck, Use a big pair of pliers and at diferent areas around the filler neck move the hose back and forth a little. Don't clamp the pliers on too much as it will bend the neck of the tank. Sometimes they are on really stuck so do it all around the hose. It should finnaly loosen up then you can remove the rubber filler hose. Get as much of the gas out of the tank before taking it out. When you do lift up on the passengers side, This gives you enough room to get the filler neck to come out. On the distributor there is a O-ring. When you pull the distributor take off the distributor cap and mark where rotor is on the distributor itself and also mark where the distribor and engine. That way it gives you where the rotor will match up to the engine and distibutor itself.
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