98 Blazer misfires after intake manifold gasket replacement


Here's the deal. My 98 Blazer with 167K, W Vin, 6 cyl, automatic, was leaking coolant as fast as I added it. I figured it was a seal or a frost plug problem. I could not see where the leak was originating from, so I took it in for repair. The mechanic just bought this shop from his old boss, so he is now on his own. He replaced the intake manifold gasket (gasket set) which he said was blowing out coolant all over with a pressure test. Now, $582.36 later, my blazer is running very rough at idle, and misses when accelerating. It was not like this when I brought it in. I actually had it brought in on a car trailer, but even when I drove it onto the trailer, it was running just fine. The mechanic said the #3 cylinder was misfiring, and the rotor and cap were corroded. I had replaced the plugs about 10,000 miles ago except for the #3 because I couldn't get at it (I know how now after searching this forum). I replaced the cap (flat type) and rotor and there was no change. I will be replacing the plugs next, but my question is, do they have to remove the distributor shaft when replacing the manifold gasket and could have they put it back in off one notch in the gears which would throw off the timing? I will be calling the mechanic Monday about the problem, but would greatly appreciate any of your input on this. Thanks!

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 AT 9:24 PM

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Yes you have to pull the distributor to pull the lower intake, but that should not cause 1 cylinder to misfire. Sure they didn't cross a couple plug wires?

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Tuesday, April 24th, 2007 AT 5:10 PM

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