2005 Chevy Tahoe water pump

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Engine Cooling problem
2005 Chevy Tahoe V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 94xxx miles

I just replaced the water pump on our 05 Tahoe. It started leaking, so, I replaced the WHOLE pump & gaskets. Its a good idea, so you don't have to touch it again for at least another 100000 miles & its an EASY swap out this way, no pulling pulleys, unless you have the fan attached to the engine. I disconnected all the hoses from the water pump. Belt from pulleys, obviously, If you are wondering how I knew which ones to remove, look at the new pump. You will be able to see where the bolts hold it to the block, 6 bolts nlook at gaskets, SUPER sweet design. Swap the thermostat housing, along with a NEW thermostat, then swap the tensioner pulley. I used a even coat of gasket maker, not a bunch, dont want any to get in the coling system. Then place gaskets on the pump, they will stick with the gasket maker. Put the bolts through carefully, then slowly put the pump in place and start hand tightening the bolts. Then tighten all bolts in an even sequence, not 1 bolt @ a time. Re connect hoses, put the belt back on, fill fluids, start I have owned 5 Chevy Fullsize trucks and this tahoe since 199x's. These are EXCELLENT. I have known MANY others with ford and dodge, Chevy has the least problems for MAJOR repairs. The water pump, fuel pump, and basic ball joints/tie rod ends. Are usually going to go out around 100,000 mi. But the tranny, engine, and electrical systems seem good. Only had to replace a 4wd switch on the 2001 z71, $85. Not bad. Then again, some kids beat the crap out of these trucks, then sell them. Those might have more problems than normal:( luck of the draw at that point.
Well, good luck. If you have any Q's, feel free to ask.

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