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January, 20, 2008 AT 7:02 PM

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2004 Chevy Tahoe V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 85000 miles

DTC B0100 - Front End Sensor Performance. I doubt the front end sensors are bad, because I think they are simple mechanical devices. But I can't find anything more on the subject. I can't even locate a replacement part. I have pulled the connectors and checked for damage or corrosion; they are clean. I am getting ready to pull the device and dismantle it. It could also be an open wire, but the vehicle is still young. Unable to clear the code. Any experience with this? Thanks.

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February, 4, 2008 AT 4:06 PM

Where were you guys? I guess this really is a do it yourself thing. Have an airbag problem? First get a scanner that reads airbag codes. Try Harrison R& D in Texas (obdscan. Net). Read your DTC; mine was a B0100 left front impact sensor. Next get a manual; try (online). Don't work on airbags with out a good manual. You have to disable the zones to prevent accidental deployment ($$$ and embarassment; think the mechanic would have a good laugh about that?). For me, the manual wanted to isolate the wiring to the sensor and check for shorts and opens. That was too much work; car is not that old. So, I disabled the front zone and switched sensors; the DTC code came back B0103 right front. That pretty much was enough to go buy a sensor ($75) from the dealer and kill the problem. I still think overall I spent way less, I'm tooled up for the next thing and I don't know about you, but I like fixing things.

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