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I have an 87 chevy suburban with 15000 miles and a 7.4 454. I recently rebuilt this engine and now have problems.A friend of mine bought this and it broke down so he asked me to look at it and I found it had a broken crank in 2 spots so he sold it to me and I took out the engine to rebuild it.I had to sleeve the number one and buy a new crank but after replacing everything with new parts (pistons cam rods everything)I foolishly thought it would be good to go. Now it will let me disconect the est and set the timing but when I reconnect the est it wont start. So if I turn the distributor about a 1\2 inch counter clockwise it will start with a very low idle meaning about 200 and die however if I have someonelse turn it over while I am on the engine than as soon as it starts I can turn the distributor two full spots (plug wires)counterclockwise and the idle picks up and it runs great. But if I leave the timing there and try to start it it turns over than hits hard and breaks the nosecone off of the starter. Now I have been through 16 starters 2 fliwheels 2 cam and lifter sets 4 timing sets 1 new computer 4 control modules 1distributor 2 coils.I dont have an esc and I dont find a knock sensor or even the wires where it should be so any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated i've talked to several dealers and every parts store and mechanic I can find backyard or not and they are all stuck so I hope somebody can help Thanks Tony

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Sunday, October 7th, 2007 AT 2:55 PM

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