How to change a fuel filter on 97 Suburban 1500


Can anyone tell me wher to find picture instructions on how to change my fuel filter on a 1997 suburban. Either that or detail instructions. Thank you.

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007 AT 2:08 AM

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Sorry for the late reply.

The fuel filter should be mounted to inside frame rail, you'll need to get under the vehicle. Usually after the vehicle sits overnight without the key being cycled, there isn't much fuel pressure, but, you still need to be aware. You can disable fuel pump by pulling fuse then try to start the vehicle, to take pressure off system. Slowly take line nuts loose from filter, use a catch pan. Don't let gas hit a droplight. Don't do this in a closed garage or around any pilot lites.

To work on your own vehicles, you need a basic set of wrenches and sockets. I don't remember the actual size wrenches? The picture I posted should show you what the filter looks like.

I realize this an old post. In the future hope you don't have any vehicle issues, but, if do, keep the site in mind. They are always working to improve the site and it's free to ask a question.

Have a good day.

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