1999 Chevy Suburban strange tuc tuc sound in rebuilt engine

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Engine Mechanical problem
1999 Chevy Suburban V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 110, 00 miles

Our suburban is 1999 1500 5.7 litre gas engine 4wd. It has almost 110,000 miles. It was driven overheating until strange clanking noises came from the engine - the warning sensor did not sound. We live in Panama (republic of Panama, not Panama city Florida) so decided to take the car to the Chevrolet dealer here thinking that they would do the best job to get it up and running. They gave me a list of parts to buy from the US (brightauto. Com) because spare parts are so expensive here. The parts included, two cylinder heads complete with new intake and exhaust valves and seals, gaskets, radiator, oxygen sensors, water pump, oil pump, brake booster. We had them dhl-ed here so that we could get the car up and running as soon as possible. This all happened last year in May! I drove the car back home some 300 miles away and noted that there was no change in the temperature sensor all the time I drove. It registered very low. I took the car to the local Chevrolet dealer and they told me that the new radiator did not have a temperature gauge and so I sent for this and had it installed. However, the engine still did not sound right. There was a kind of rythmic knocking noise coming from it. They told me it was the drive belt tensor (the part that keeps the tension of the drive belt) so we bought a new one and replaced this. But the knocking sound still continues. They then told me it was a part called a balencin and cabellito in Spanish, which I think is a rocker arm and the rocker bar. There are 8 of these in each cylinder head and they are what make the valves go up and down. I was told that one of the rocker bars was showing signs of wear and was moving too much, hence the noise. I duly sent for a rocker arm and bar. Buyt having lost faith in the Chevolet dealer I now took the car to another mechanic who is reluctant to do the work in case replacing one rocker arm and bar does not get rid of the tuc tuc tuc noise in the engine. He is talking about replacing the entire engine all over again, or at least the pistons, rings, all 16 rocker arms and bars as well as the busos (the parts that contain the oil at the bottom of the rocker bars and lubricate them as they go up and down. It seems to get more and more complicated! However, the same mechanic also told us that if we can live with the tuc tuc tuc noise itself then we could just drive the car as is because we are not actually damaging the engine. However, after spending so much we would like it to be made as good as new! By the way, the temperature warning sound still does not sound. I know this because about four months ago the t-connection on the hose split and the gauge registered very hot. I stopped before any strange noises came and we replaced the t-connection and since then the temperature gauge has worked fine. So I am farily sure that we did not damage the engine this time. The car is now off the road having its rear wheel bearing replaced. It seems that the wheel axle fits directly into the bearing and is showing extensive signs of wear. Originally the mechanic said that he could have the axles rebuilt but now is saying that really we ought to buy them new. Please can you also advise on this. Many many thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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