1994 Chevy Suburban

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Transmission problem
1994 Chevy Suburban V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 98,000 miles

Hello, I have a 1994 chevy suburban I just recently bought from a dealer. I drove it home 6 hours and everything was working as it should. Everything continued to work as it should for about a week, then the transmission seemed to be shifting very hard into all gears, and sometimes got stuck in 2nd gear and I would have to shut the truck off and restart it for it to shift through all gears again. It still continued to shift hard after a restart, but got through all gears. And then yesterday I was driving home on the freeway at about 65 mph in cruise control and all of a sudden, it downshifted 2 gears, then I pulled off, shut it off, restarted it and it was fine although still shifting hard. The transmission fluid is good, but I was thinking it may need a filter? The service engine light also turned on when the problem started. Any help would be appreciated.

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Saturday, December 26th, 2009 AT 11:05 PM

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