1991 Chevy Silverado blinkers

Electrical problem
1991 Chevy Silverado V8 Two Wheel Drive

blinkers do not work, everytime I put a new fuss in it blows. I bought a new blinker switch but do not know how to replace the old one, not sure it is even this problem
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have the same problem?
Sunday, February 21st, 2010 AT 12:50 PM

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Hello and thanks for donating!

Before replacing switch, I would replace the flasher relay. It may be shorting out causing fuse to blow. If flasher is OK then check wiring to switch. If OK here as well then follow steps below to replace switch.

Make sure the switch is in the off position.
Remove the steering wheel
Remove the instrument panel trim cover.
Insert a screwdriver into the lockplate cover slot and pry out the cover. Remove the lockplate. A special tool is available to do this. The tool is an inverted U-shape, with a hole for the shaft. The shaft nut is used to force it down. Pry the wire snapring out of the shaft groove. Discard the snapring.
Remove the tool and lift the lockplate off the shaft.
Remove the turn signal lever screw and lever.
Press the hazard button inward and unscrew it.
Remove the switch retaining screws. Pull the switch connector out of the mast jacket and feed the switch connector through the column support bracket.
Position the turn signal lever and shifter housing in the downward, or "low" position and pull downward on the lower end of the column using a pliers on the tab provided. Remove the wire protector.
Remove the switch mounting screws. Remove the switch by pulling it straight up while guiding the wiring harness cover through the column.

To install:

Install the replacement switch by working the connector and cover down through the housing and under the bracket.
Install the switch mounting screws and the connector on the mast jacket bracket. Install the column-to-dash trim plate.
Install the flasher knob and the turn signal lever.
With the turn signal lever in neutral and the flasher knob out, slide the thrust washer, upper bearing preload spring, and canceling cam into the shaft.
Position the lockplate on the shaft and press it down until a new snapring can be inserted in the shaft groove.
Install the cover and the steering wheel.
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Sunday, February 21st, 2010 AT 8:22 PM

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