1987 Chevy Silverado starter

Electrical problem
1987 Chevy Silverado V8

trying to install starter
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have the same problem?
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 AT 10:00 AM

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The starters on some engines require the addition of shims to provide proper clearance between the starter pinion gear and the flywheel. The shims are available in 0.015 inch sizes from General Motors dealers.

1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
2. Raise and support the vehicle with jackstands.
3. Disconnect and tag all wires at the solenoid terminals.

Sometimes, the wire fasteners may be extremely difficult to reach with the starter installed. If the wires cannot be disconnected, wait until the starter bolts and removed and the starter can be lowered slightly for better access, but do not allow the starter to hang by the wires or they could be damaged.

4. Reinstall all nuts as soon as they are removed, since the thread sizes are different.
5. If equipped, remove the mounting bracket nuts or bolts, as applicable.
6. On engines with a solenoid heat shield, remove the front bracket upper bolt and detach the bracket from the starter.
7. Support the starter by hand, then loosen and remove the 2 mounting bolts. Lower the starter front end first, and then remove the unit from the truck. If any shims were installed between the starter and the engine block, note the size and location of the shims to assure proper installation.
8. Reverse the removal procedures to install the starter. If any shims were present, be sure to reposition them as noted during removal in order to assure proper starter operation. Torque the two mounting bolts to 25-35 ft. Lbs.
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