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I am really frustrated and confused! I have a '97 5 spd, 4 cylinder, 2.2L GMC Sonoma with 124,000 miles. I had a problem with coolant collecting in spark plug hole 3 and the plug itself would then blow - the procelain would break apart and the check engine light would come on - engine misfire, cylinder 3.

I pulled the head and had it pressure tested, valves done etc, and put it back together several months ago. Tonight, it did the same thing - my spark plug is blown, car ran like crap on 3 cylinders, and coolant has collected around spark plug number 3 - it actually blew the wire completely off the plug and the plug is broke again.

Can someone confirm the following (or point me in the RIGHT direction) : that this is a head problem with the " styrofoam like" mold process that GMC used on these heads and that torquing the head down causes the head to leak? Someone recommeded GM Seal Tabs - what do you think? Is there some kind of TSB/Recall about this anywhere that I am not aware of? I would really appreciate any help - thanks.


Monday, June 4th, 2007 AT 9:45 PM

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