1995 Chevy S-10 Heater Core replacement

  • 1995 CHEVROLET S-10
  • 6 CYL
  • 2WD
  • 227,000 MILES
Do you have to remove the whole dash to change the heater core?
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Replacement procedures of your heater core are below. Read over instructions and be certain you can perform this repair before starting. Otherwise damage to vehicle or harm to self can occur.

Disconnect the negative battery cable and properly drain the engine cooling system to a level below the heater core.
Disconnect the heater hoses from the core tubes near the cowl.

NOTE: The instrument panel carrier is designed not only to provide access to parts through removal of the carrier components, but the carrier will also tilt downward as a complete assembly to allow access from the top. If this is desired, remove the retainer screws along the top and bottom of the carrier assembly. The instrument panel will then tilt as an assembly into the cab. It is necessary to unbolt and lower the steering column from the carrier to allow for maximum movement of the instrument panel.

The instrument panel must be removed or repositioned for access to the heater core case. Unbolt and either tilt the instrument panel forward or disengage the instrument panel components and remove the panel from the vehicle. In most cases, tilting the panel forward should be sufficient for the necessary access, but if necessary remove the panel refer to in this guide.
Unfasten the heater core rear case retaining screws, then remove the rear case for access to the heater core.
Loosen the retainers and remove the heater core retaining straps.
Remove the heater core and seals.

((Fig. 1: Exploded view of a common heater core and case assembly))


Install the heater core and seals, taking care not to damage the core tubes when inserting them through the cowl.
Install and secure the core retaining straps.
Install the rear case and secure using the screws.
Reposition and secure the instrument panel and components. Tighten the cowl screws to 17 inch lbs. (1.9 Nm) and the lower instrument panel screws to 66 inch lbs. (7.5 Nm).
Connect the heater hoses to the core tubes.
Connect the negative battery cable, then properly refill the engine cooling system.
Run the engine at normal operating temperature, then check for leaks.

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