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Hello I was wondering if someone could answer a question. I have a 1994 chevy S10 Blazer 4.3L v6 and we changed the spark plug wires. The wires we bought have 2 different style ends. One end looks like and elbow hook and the other is straight. Is there only a certain place for the straight end wire to go or does it matter? Any advice you could give me I would greatly appreciate.
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Hello -Gina

You did great on supplying most of the info for your vehicle. The only thing is to ensure you provide the exact liter size and the 8th digit of your VIN code. For this model I show a V6-262 4.3L VIN W CPI and a V6-262 4.3L VIN Z.

I gave you both illustrations.

On your model the straight end always goes on the spark plug. Make sure you put a dab of spark plug grease on the inside of the boot so it will slide smoothly over the plug and you should feel a slight snap when it connects onto the plug. The 90 degree end goes on the distributor. Do the same with the grease.

Extremely important - if you don't have a chart or pic of the firing order then make sure you draw one. I have provided you with one.

The best way to do this is look how the wires are routed across the engine, under and over certain things, clamp to certain things. If you don't route them correctly you can pinch them, cause cuts and breaks which then you will have sparks jumping around, they can fall into other moving items or get burned on hot items. Make sure on the distributor cap they are position correctly so they flow off of it nicely.

Last since you have a diagram, pull one wire off at a time make a note of where it went and then match it to the exact length plug wire you are replacing it with. Then the next and so on. If you get out of order on the length you may end up with a longer wire on a shorter distance and a shorter wire on a longer distance and it won't fit.




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