1986 Chevrolet S-10


June, 18, 2008 AT 1:31 PM

Computer problem
1986 Chevy S-10 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 142000 miles

I have a 1986 S-10 with the 2.5liter " Iron Duke". It had a rod that was knocking on number four cylinder, so I went an rebuilt the motor and put it back in. Now the truck will not run unless you keep putting fuel down the throat off the throttle body. The fuel pump will not run either unless you hook it up directly to the ignition port on the fuse panel. I have checked the relay, and put a new Electronic Control Module in it, but that does not seem to help. I had power from the ECM to the relay one time but them it went away. All the wires and connections are hooked up correctly. I'm at the stopping point right know, and need to know if you have had this problem with a S-10 before. If so, what would be the next step to resolve this problem.


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June, 18, 2008 AT 1:50 PM

Are you sure you have all the grounds hooked up. Are you sure you have all the power wires hooked up on the starter.

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